Halo’d Heathens” Brand is designed to explore the dualism of the spiritual word and the reality of the world we live in. This brand is for those that spiritually aren’t were they want to but also know they aren’t where they use to be.  This brand is those of us who aren’t sitting in the front pew but we aren’t sitting by the door either. For those who might be short on tithes this week because they spent too much at happy hour. 


The brand was founded by William Tipper Thomas who is a Baltimore City native who graduated from Morgan State. This brand is inspired by his late Mother Peggie and his late Aunt Delores who passed away within weeks of each other in 2021. Aunt Delores was the oldest sibling who was sanctified to the bone. While Peggie was the “problem child” who didn’t take no mess. After they passed, he stumbled across this picture which is an expressed display of their love for each other despite being on “opposite ends” of the scale. “ I wanted to find away to explore the dualism of the Holy spirit and the worldly ways relationship between two people or in one person like myself”